[Webinar] The Smart City Effect, A Review of the Annual Smart City / Smart Utility Strategic Directions Survey and Report, presented by Black & Veatch

Date: March 17th, 2016
Time: 12:00pm ET
Price: FREE

Webinar Playback

Black & Veatch’s annual Smart Utility Strategic Directions Report reveals the path many cities and utilities are taking towards smarter systems. How cities and utilities alike are using communications and sensor technology to form systems of smart integrated infrastructure. This webinar takes a look into the results of the 2016 report, and the actions cities and utilities are taking to become more reliable, efficient, and sustainable service providers. Black & Veatch will discuss what it means to be a Smart City and the utility’s role in this transformation, and the importance of aligning growth strategies with Smart City initiatives.

Webinar Thought Leaders

Jennifer James

Jennifer James

Director of Smart City Solutions
Black & Veatch

Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton

Systems and Project Manager, Grid Modernization
Black & Veatch

ModeratorH. Christine Richards

H. Christine Richards

Research Director