July 24, 2018

11:00 am EDT


The rollout of AMI has been a priority for utilities over the past few years. Today, many utilities have successfully deployed a smart meter program, but are just scratching the surface of leveraging its capabilities. How can smart meter data be used to optimize distribution operations? How can it be used as part of a non-wire alternatives strategy?  What existing programs and services can be revamped and improved using smart meter data?

This webinar will explore how Southern Company is using their current AMI network in ways other than simply meter reading to realize true grid modernization.

After attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AMI and smart meters build a more resilient and smarter grid
  • Different ways that AMI and smart meter data can be used to enhance your grid modernization strategy
  • Real life examples of how Southern Company leverages AMI and smart meter data today and in the future

Webinar Thought Leaders