[Webinar] Beyond Electrons: How utilities are navigating the evolving energy landscape

Date: August 31 2017
Time:2:00 PM EDT
Price: FREE

Webinar Playback

Traditionally, customers only expected their electric utility to keep the lights on. But technology advances and new customer demands are causing significant changes in the industry. People expect more than just power from their utility. At the same time, new technologies and distributed energy resources are enabling customers to consume less energy. What does this evolving energy landscape mean for utilities? How are utilities adapting, and how can they innovate to ensure both customer satisfaction and business value for years to come? Join us for the webinar where we’ll discuss:

  • How utility business models are shifting to create new revenue streams
  • How utilities are responding to ever changing customer demands
  • How utilities can leverage partnerships to provide innovative products and services

Webinar Thought Leaders


Cris Eugster

Chief Operating Officer


Tony Locker

VP, Global Product Management and Strategy


Erin Hardick

Research Analyst